New Star Apa Corporation started out in 1949 as New Star Apa Factory, a Single Proprietor business with a few manual ice cream cone baking machines that were able to supply the majority of ice cream makers in Metro Manila.

    In 1960's, with the increasing demand of ice cream cones within Metro Manila and in nearby provinces, the company decided to invite more board members, mainly friends and relatives. By new board members, the company brought in "Sweet Heart" ice cream cone baking machines from the USA, which proved helpful in producing much more ice cream cones than the manual machines.

    In 1983, New Star Apa Factory was formally changed to New Star Apa Corporation. As a corporation, the corporate members agreed on having more than just 3 "Sweet Heart" ice cream cone baking machines. With the additions of more ice cream cone baking machines, the output capacity then increased and we were able to widen our delivery coverage to further provinces in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.


    New Star Apa Corporation is committed in providing consumers the best quality and well – designed ice cream cups and cones available in the market that will complement the taste and flavor of any ice cream.

    We believe that all ice cream lovers should enjoy ice cream best with our ice cream cones, that is why we strive in implementing the latest innovations possible in ice cream cone baking. And by using the finest ingredients available in the market we can proudly say that our product is of International Standard.

    Our success will not be possible without the continuous support of all our clients, that is why we meet our customers' needs in terms of delivery by providing excellent service through our extensive network.

    The enjoyment of all ice cream lovers is different from each other, so we welcome any comments on our products because we believe that there is always room for improvement.